Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Surface Running Windows 8 and RT

Keyboard shortcuts existed even before the mouse was invented. Although we have all become accustomed to using the mouse, touchpad, and touchscreen effectively, keyboard shortcuts are still one of the most efficient ways to navigate the Windows user interface and applications. Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts for the Microsoft Surface running Windows 8 and RT. Most of the listed shortcuts apply across all Windows 8 devices, but there are a few that only apply to the Surface Pro and Surface RT, due to the function (Fn) keys on the Touch and Type covers.

Hold Down Press Desktop
Start B Go to Desktop
Start C Open charms bar
Start D Go to Desktop
Start E Open File Explorer
Start F Search files
Start H Bring up Share charm
Start I Bring up Settings charm
Start K Bring up Devices charm
Start L Lock Windows
Start M Minimize all, show desktop
Start P Bring up Second screen charm
Start Q Search Apps
Start R Open the Run window
Start T Activate desktop task bar
Start U Open Ease of Access Center window
Start W Search Settings
Start X Bring up system utility settings menu
Start Z Swipe up
Start Period Snap Desktop to the left. Press repeatedly to cycle Desktop   location to the right, center and left again.
Start+Shift Period Snap Desktop to the right. Press repeatedly to cycle Desktop   location to the left, center and right again.
Start Comma Peek at desktop, let go to return
Start Tab Switch to last app. Press Tab repeatedly to cycle through apps   on the left task panel
Start Enter Run Windows Narrator
Alt Tab Switch to last app. Press Tab repeatedly to cycle through open   apps
Ctrl Tab Switch to next instance of current app (Example: Internet   Explorer switches between tabs. This feature depends on app capability.)
Ctrl Esc Switch between Start screen and latest app
Fn Up Page Up
Fn Down Page Down
Fn Left Home
Fn Right End

Have I missed any shortcuts? Let me know in the comments below.


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