How to Sync OneDrive to a Removable Micro SD Card in Windows 10 – Step 4a

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Step 4a: Re-Setting Up One Drive

If OneDrive ever gets disconnected from your virtual hard drive. Follow these steps to remount the virtual hard drive and reconnect your OneDrive account.

Step 4a.1: Open File Explorer by clicking the Start button and select the File Explorer.

File Explorer

File Explorer should appear.

File Explorer; Inserted MicroSD

Step 4a.2: In the File Explorer window, open your micro SD card or removable drive with the virtual hard drive. It should show your virtual hard drive (*.vhdx) file that you created. My example here shows OneDrive.vhdx.

File Explorer; Double-Click to Mount OneDrive VHD file

Step 4a.3: Double-click your virtual hard drive (*.vhdx) file. Your OneDrive virtual hard drive will automatically mount and show up under This PC.

OneDrive VHD Mounted and Launched

Step 4a.4: The next step is to reconnect your OneDrive account. Follow Step 4: Setting Up OneDrive again. The only difference is when you complete Step 4.6, the following dialog box will come up, notifying you that “Files already exist in this OneDrive folder.” Click “Use this location.”

Use This Location

OneDrive will now compare the its files to the virtual hard drive files and sync them. You can check on their progress as shown in Step 4.

Processing Changes Notification

Once it is done syncing, you should get the wonderful “OneDrive is up to date” message when you click on the OneDrive icon.

OneDrive Up To Date Notification

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