How to Sync OneDrive to a Removable Micro SD Card in Windows 10 – Step 1

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Step 1: Formatting The Removable Drive

First thing we need to do is format the micro SD card or removable drive; but, before taking the next steps, make sure you back up anything on it that you would like to keep. You can do this by just copying the contents from the micro SD card or removable drive to your computer or an external drive.

Now the fun begins.

Step 1.1: Open File Explorer by clicking the Start button and select the File Explorer.

File Explorer

Step 1.2: In the File Explorer window, right click on your micro SD card or removable drive and select Format.

Format Drive

Step 1.3: In the Format window, select NTFS as the File System. You can name the volume whatever you like. Click Start.

Format Drive; Select NTFS File System

Step 1.4: A warning dialog box appears. Make sure you are formatting the correct drive and have backed up any important information from this drive. Click OK.

Format Drive Warning

Step 1.5: An informational dialog box appears, “Format Complete.” Click OK.

Format Drive Complete

Step 1.6: You are done formatting the drive with an NTFS file system. Click Close.

Format Drive; Click Close

Step 1.7: Confirm the drive is practically empty and not the free space. My removable micro SD card is 128GB, but shows 119GB with 118GB free. Note the amount of free space for the later steps (118GB for me in this case).

My Computer with Micro SD Card Formatted

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