Taking a Screenshot, the New “Print Screen”

Print Screen on a Microsoft KeyboardRemember the “Print Screen” key on your full standard keyboard? You know, the key between the F12 and “Scroll Lock” keys? Well, with our new Surface keyboards, and many other modern laptops and ultrabooks, the Print Screen key is gone. What replaces it now is the Screenshot functionality built into Windows 8. Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Type Cover Function Key Lock Shortcut (F1-F12)

Surface Type Cover Keyboard Function Keys

One of the features I missed greatly on my full size desktop keyboard is the easy-access function keys (F1 to F12). Fortunately both the Type Cover and Touch Cover keyboards for the Microsoft Surface has them. Unfortunately, they are only accessible by a key combination of “Fn” and one of the keys on the top row. This can be cumbersome and frustrating for those who are used to full desktop keyboards and uses the function keys a lot. Alas, Microsoft has a solution for those function key aficionados. Continue reading

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Surface Running Windows 8 and RT

Keyboard shortcuts existed even before the mouse was invented. Although we have all become accustomed to using the mouse, touchpad, and touchscreen effectively, keyboard shortcuts are still one of the most efficient ways to navigate the Windows user interface and applications. Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts for the Microsoft Surface running Windows 8 and RT. Most of the listed shortcuts apply across all Windows 8 devices, but there are a few that only apply to the Surface Pro and Surface RT, due to the function (Fn) keys on the Touch and Type covers. Continue reading

How to Sync SkyDrive to a Removable Micro SD Card

SkyDrive Sync to Micro SD

Update: I have updated this post for OneDrive and Windows 10 here.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive is great, especially if you use the SkyDrive desktop application for your PC. It synchronizes all your files to your computer so you will always have a local copy to use offline. This is perfect for a mobile device like the Microsoft Surface Pro.

However, with 25 GB of storage on my SkyDrive account and less than 20 GB of free space on my 64GB version Surface Pro, I did not have enough space for all my SkyDrive data on the Surface itself. If you have the 128 GB Surface Pro, or have sufficient space for your SkyDrive data, you may still want to sync SkyDrive to a micro SD card to save valuable, and faster, disk space on the Surface for applications. Continue reading